The Pillars of Our Project

Research is critical to CBCP's mission and clinical practice. Our work in bioinformatics and our biorepository of patient samples support research that informs both our transitional clinical care and our breast cancer risk reduction efforts. Our research is part and parcel of the five pillars of the Clinical Breast Care Program.

Translational Clinical Care

The foundation upon which all our success rests. Patient enrollment in our biospecimen repository protocols allow us to better understand cancer.

Without patient participation there would be no translational research center of excellence.

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Our Risk Reduction Clinic is a multi-disciplinary program designed to identify, counsel and manage women at high risk for breast cancer.

Patients receive an in-depth personal and family health history by a world renowned medical oncologist.


Most of the complex molecular mechanisms associated with breast cancer are not well understood. CBCP performs molecular, biochemical and histological analysis of breast tissue and/or blood from patients to better understand these mechanisms.

Our biorepository allows tissue samples from our patients to drive research and save future lives.

Focused Research

Our research focuses on two themes: breast cancer mechanisms with clinical relevance, and molecular studies that will improve therapy. Click through to see if your research might align with ours to help generate new knowledge that will benefit breast cancer patient treatment

Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical Informatics (BMIX) has developed a comprehensive informatics system supporting the activities of the other 4 pillars. Biomedical Informatics also provides support to other research projects and leads its own research, by working with scientists both within and outside of the WRI.

Our Publications

The Project is dedicated to continuing research of the highest value to patients and to participating in the scientific dialogue leading to the cure of cancer.

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CBCP's research arm is the Windber Research Institute (WRI). WRI is a subaward on the CBCP Grant and handles majority of the scientific work for the Program, the CBCP biorepository is also housed and managed at Windber.