Psycho-Social Oncology Services

The WRNMMC Breast Center has designated psycho-oncology staff members (1 psychologist,1 social worker) to assess all newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. The yearly rates average 100 new patients. These staff members also evaluate and counsel other cancer patients throughout the hospital system.

Services provided for the breast center:

  • Psycho-social assessment including NCCN distress scale for all new breast cancer patients
  • Individual, couples, family counseling related to diagnosis and other stressors. Telephone support also available for those for whom transportation is an issue
  • Referral to community resources as needed
  • Multi-discipline collaboration and coordination of care

Groups offered:

  • Breast Cancer support group meets 2x/month 1.5hr each-open to all stages and ages. Occasional guest speakers.
  • Breast Cancer yoga class meets 2x/month 1hr each session-all stages, ages, and abilities.
  • Young women’s (ages 20-40) Cancer (all cancers) educational support group 8 week sessions 1.5hr ea.