Clinical Facilities

The Comprehensive Breast Center at WRNMMC is a state of the art center. The Breast Center was designed to bring together breast care, breast imaging and translational research into one clinical service. This historic alignment capitalizes on the experience and strengths of both the clinical and research programs dating back more than a decade.  It truly supports the clinical care pillar for the Clinical Breast Care Project to support research and high-volume patient flow through these clinical centers.

The Breast Center at WRNMMC, Bethesda is comprised of a reception area, Waiting Room which will feature a patient education area, Patient Exam Rooms, a Minor Procedure Room, Doctor and Nurses Work Stations. The Breast Imaging Section includes a patient waiting area, four digital mammography machines, two digital ultrasound machines, a stereotactic biopsy table, and a breast specific MRI suite.

The Reception Area greets patients with an ADA compliant counter fully accessible to wheelchair patients.

The Waiting Room is adjacent to an airy, light filled atrium with a view of the building’s central rock garden. Plasma screens on the wall provide patients with cable news and are cable of closed circuit broadcasts and DVD presentations. Two areas are set aside for patient education and will eventually be outfitted with kiosks to permit patients to view breast cancer educational materials on line.

Patient Examination Rooms are equipped with some of the most modern tools and permit patients and family members in the rooms.  Exam tables have heated drawers providing patients with warm gowns for clinical exams.

There are six (6) dressing rooms in the Breast Imaging Section, including two ADA dressing rooms to accommodate wheel patients.

Doctor and Nurse Work Stations contain computers linked to the LAN and internet, to allow providers to access the clinical database.