Meet Our Staff

The Clinical Breast Care Project (CBCP) is a truly translational research center of excellence where there is direct communication between the clinical and research components of the project. The Breast Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center has Research Nurses/Nurse Navigators, LPNs, Surgical Technicians and a receptionist who staff the clinic. Our research nurses/nurse navigators provide comprehensive care to our patients to guide them through the treatment process. In addition, the project has a full time, dedicated pathologist, scientist, two pathologist assistants, histotech and research assistants responsible for the collection and in depth analysis of tissue and serum specimens donated by our patients.

We collect clinical data as well from our patients who participate in our research. That data is carefully collected by our research nurses and then meticulously reviewed by data managers who make sure each field of data is complete. A biomedical informatics coordinator heads the data management team and helps coordinate the many projects involving data analysis we pursue each year.

The overall administrative and financial management of the Project is handled by the Executive Director (Mr. Jaime Boone) with assistance from the Program Coordinator (Ms. Crystal McCrimmon) and Administrator (Mr. Eric Williamson).